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183 Ways to Create a Cool Name for your 20 or 30 Something Blog about Life

So you want to start a blog to document your journey into adulthood and share your experiences with other 20 or 30 somethings, but just can’t think of the ideal name to sum up what you’re all about?

Well, this article was written for you, and hopefully, you’ll be a lot closer to choosing a great name for your blog by the time we’re done. Even if you don’t have a short-list that’s full of awesome names, you should be inspired enough to develop your own naming ideas.

Step 1: What’s So Special?

The first thing you should do is to make a list of words that are related to you and your blog. Be as specific as possible.

Think about what makes you unique, what makes your content different from all the other life stories out there, and why people would want to read your blog. This is the most important part of blog naming, and unfortunately, most people don’t give it the attention it needs. And that is why they have a hard time coming up with a good name.

Spend at least half an hour reflecting on what you’ll blog about, your tone, your direction and most of all, your audience. Write down as many post ideas, keywords, concepts, goals, and anything else you can think of. And keep adding to it whenever a thought comes to mind.

Step 2: Get Ideas & Inspiration

Next, go through the list of blog names, domains and URLs below.

  • You will instantly get more ideas on what your blog can be about. Notice how some are quite focused on a particular angle while others are very general.
  • You will instantly get ideas on how to create a creative blog name. With a wide selection of naming styles, you’re sure to find some that you really like.
  • You will instantly understand how there are a variety of options when it comes to choosing a blog name, a domain name and URL or website address for your blog.

As you browse through the list of existing 20 & 30 somethings blogs, feel free to add enhancements to your initial notes in order to refine them.

  1. Crucial Encounter
  2. Mandy Living Life
  3. Fog for Muses
  4. What Would An Adult Do?
  5. indifference
  6. Life Without University
  7. Forever Twenty Somethings
  8. Understated Chaos
  9. Precisely Mine
  10. The Bella Effect
  11. Quarter Life Crisis
  12. The Daily Walk
  13. Healing Leaf
  14. One Girl. One Journey.
  15. Read Travel Become
  16. 20 something & uncensored
  17. Life on a Branch
  18. Living What You Love
  19. marissa hyatt
  20. The Floundering
  21. Andy in Progress
  22. Local Forkful food blog
  23. Little Did She Know
  24. The Retreat
  25. Contemplative Creativity
  26. Beyond the Diploma
  27. The Joshua Collective
  28. Guilt Free Twenties
  29. Jumbled Order
  30. Off the Cuff
  31. Faith Overflow
  32. Discovering JaNae
  33. Stand Tall Through Everything
  34. Reflection of Grace
  35. Heart of the Matter
  36. Moving Mountains
  37. When We Mumble
  38. All Groan Up
  39. The Default Life
  40. Women On Fire Club
  41. Miss Texan
  42. Thoughts about Nothing
  43. Positivity Filter
  44. Chasing Ground
  45. Things They Never Told Us
  46. Joanna Muses
  47. Trending Millennial
  48. One Year to Curtain
  49. Darrell Vesterfelt
  50. A Hundred Visions
  51. Katie from Kansas
  52. Little Misadventures
  53. Greatness in Service
  54. The Mundane Muse
  55. Audacity to Write
  56. Oh that Kimberley
  57. With Audrey
  58. Heart Via Stomach
  59. Man of Depravity
  60. Simply Cute as a Button
  61. Miranda Writes
  62. Cher Love Now
  63. Bohemian Bowmans
  64. Potent Thoughts
  65. Perfecting Patty
  66. The Gritty Christian
  67. Stranded Here
  68. Reflections Of A Thankful Heart
  69. Young Guns
  70. Out of My Element
  71. The Things I Learned From
  72. black coffee in bed
  73. Living Water
  74. Declaring His Worth
  75. Tiffany’s Epiphany
  76. Branding Chloe
  77. The Compelling Parade
  78. Two Girls In The City
  79. learningtobestill
  80. Keepin’ It To Myself
  81. Learning from Sophie
  82. Jeremy Stanley
  83. The Duck And The Owl
  84. Brave Lily
  85. Pastors in Process
  86. Unadulterated Reality
  87. Words of Williams
  88. Productivity Theory
  89. Find Your Way
  90. She’s Passionately Curious
  91. Fine Practicality
  92. InterestinglyMe
  93. A Wasted Life
  94. Smart Twenties
  95. lifexpressed digitally
  96. innocence abroad
  97. Just figuring out my life…wanna come??
  98. Her Quarter Life Crisis
  99. Gypsy Roadrunner
  100. Endlessly Exploring
  101. 20 Something Psyche
  102. Cautious Creative
  103. The Sitcoms Lied
  104. Peas in a Blog
  105. Cookie Dough Katzen
  106. Make It Sparkle
  107. Exhilarated Living
  108. The Daily Doty
  109. Twenty-Ish
  110. Two Beers and a Coffee
  111. Gen Y Girl
  112. The 22nd Year
  113. Always Rooney
  114. All work n All play
  115. A Light Up Ahead
  116. Life Engaged
  117. The Tablet of My Heart
  118. Intentional By Grace
  119. Swaddled in Seattle
  120. Retire By Thirty
  121. Life in Bloom
  122. Concern for the Ordinary
  123. The Sojourner
  124. SaturateOnline.com
  125. Thriving in Your 20s
  126. Truths of Becoming
  127. The Absurdist Chronicles
  128. Ramblings of a Confused 20Something
  129. Life & Theology
  130. Miranda in the Middle
  131. A Twenty Something Reader
  132. Wishes Times Three
  133. Caviar&Quarters
  134. Second Star on the Write
  135. Looking For Purpose
  136. Banjos and Bogs
  137. Living The Lyrics
  138. Gin n Sardonic
  139. addicted to pink
  140. Storied Living
  141. Alice’s Peephole
  142. The Alright Side
  143. Spoonful of Sugar
  144. Social Endeavor
  145. Streams of April
  146. Curiouser and Curiouser
  147. Entreprelife
  148. Very Much Later
  149. Heart Your Life
  150. A Gold Seoul
  151. 26 and Stumbling
  152. Life in the Bike Lane
  153. The Well-Travelled Postcard
  154. Living, Learning, Eating
  155. Beside The Point
  156. All this Wandering
  157. The Art of Manliness
  158. stuff antonia says.
  159. Cassandra’s Curse
  160. Proetry
  161. Some Wise Guy
  162. Taking Back Tiffany
  163. Rand Rambles
  164. I’m Just Super Saiyan
  165. Happy Crunchy
  166. Handfuls of Sand
  167. Repainted canvas
  168. Tainted Canvas
  169. Idle Inklings
  170. She writes about it
  171. Verily Merrily Mary
  172. Frugal and Simple
  173. Midwest Misplant
  174. Life As Experienced
  175. The Esther Project by
  176. Collecting Daisies
  177. Enthusiastic Runner
  178. No Rain Checks
  179. Simply Augustine
  180. A 20 Something Muddle
  181. Light A Lamp
  182. Beautifully Broken
  183. Lady Unemployed

Step 3: Put It All Together

Now take your time and do some deep thinking to plan out your blog properly. If need be, sleep on it and spend a few days to tweak your plans.

By doing this, you will definitely have a list of potential names already. If you’re still unsure about them, post a comment below to get some feedback.

103 Top Plus Size Fashion Blogs to give you Cool Naming Ideas

Want to start a blog about plus-sized fashion and can’t think of a catchy name that’s creative and witty? Well, feast your eyes on this huge list of names to get the inspiration you need.

You don’t need to blog about all things curvy to appreciate the naming styles used to come up with the names of these leading blogs for the big and beautiful. If your blog is related to another area of fashion, or a completely different topic, you can still apply the same naming techniques to create an awesome name for your new site.

Take your time to browse through the alphabetically listed names. Observe how the names you like have been created using a clever play on words and adapt it to coin your own brand. Try not to copy a name that’s already in use by another blogger, however much you like it.

  1. A Curious Fancy
  2. A Southern Chic Chick
  3. Afrobella
  4. Aimee L’Amour
  5. Authentically Emmie
  6. Beauticurve
  7. Bella Styles
  8. Bite My Heath Bar
  9. Buttons, Bows & Brogues
  10. Celebration of Curves
  11. Chic and Curvy
  12. ChubbleBubble
  13. Cid Style File
  14. Curvaceous In The City
  15. Curvy Canadian
  16. Curvy CEO
  17. Curvy Claudia
  18. Curvy Divas
  19. Curvy Girl Chic
  20. Curvy Goddess Lounge
  21. Curvy Sam
  22. Dani Mezza
  23. Death Fatties
  24. Diary of A Fatshionista
  25. Every Body is Beautiful
  26. Everything Curvy And Chic
  27. Faith Family Fashion
  28. Fashion Haley
  29. Fashion, Love, and Martinis
  30. Fat Girls Like Nice Clothes Too!
  31. Fat Shopaholic
  32. Feastful Life
  33. Fiend For Beauty
  34. Flaws of Couture
  35. Flight of the Fat girl
  36. Franceta Johnson
  37. From The Rez To The City
  38. Fuller Figure Busts
  39. Gabifresh
  40. Garner Style
  41. Girl With Curves
  42. Gorgeous in Grey
  43. Grown and Curvy Woman
  44. Illustrious Jewelry
  45. Inside Allie’s World (Allie McGvena)
  46. It’s My Taste
  47. Ivory Jinelle
  48. Jay Miranda
  49. Killer Kurves
  50. Lady Shears On 5th
  51. Le Blog de Big Beauty
  52. Le Glam Princess of Curves
  53. Lola à La Mode
  54. Love Brown Sugar
  55. Love Hartley
  56. Lovely in LA
  57. Luvin’ My Curves
  58. Masque Mag
  59. Most Beautifullest
  60. My Curves and Curls
  61. My Voluptuous Heart Loves Fashion
  62. Nadia Aboulhosn
  63. Naja Diamond
  64. Natural Fashionista
  65. Nicolette Mason
  66. Nik Star
  67. On the Q Train
  68. Passion Jonesz
  69. Plus Models Unite
  70. Plus She
  71. Pocket Rocket
  72. Polished Plus
  73. PrettyPlusPep
  74. Queen Sized Flava
  75. Ravings By Rae
  76. Return to Sender
  77. Saks In The City
  78. Sample Size 16
  79. Shapely Chic Sheri
  80. Sharlendipity
  81. Show Pony Kidz
  82. Skinny Emmie
  83. Style 4 Curves
  84. Style Chic 360
  85. Style Climber
  86. Style Gone Gugu
  87. Styleitonline
  88. Stylish Curves
  89. Supersize My Fashion
  90. The Belated Bloomer
  91. The Big Girl Blog
  92. The Curvy Blogger
  93. The Curvy Elle
  94. The Curvy Fashionista
  95. The Curvy Model
  96. The CurvyGurl Chronicles
  97. The Curvysta Haven
  98. The Fat and Skinny on Fashion
  99. The Jenesaisquoi
  100. The Manfattan Project
  101. The Southern Fashunista
  102. Thrift In The City
  103. Trendy Curvy

Some of the names are certainly better than the others but there’s definitely a wide range of styles to suit everyone’s taste.

What are the ones you like best? Share them in the comments section below.

63 Running, Yoga, Workout and Healthy Living Blogs with Uniquely Interesting Names

Are you starting a new fitness related blog and need to find a cool name for it? Or perhaps you already have a blog but want to change its name to something that sounds more catchy?

Either way, what you should do is get plenty of ideas before making a decision. You should evaluate the different naming options you can use to come up with a creative name.

And one of the quickest ways to find inspiration and learn about the art of effective blog naming is to review as many awesome names as possible.

To get you going, here are 63 blogs with a wide range of catchy and clever names that focus on getting fit. It doesn’t matter if your blog doesn’t cover the same topics exactly, as you can still get ideas for good names from any of them.

  1. Fit-Bottomed Girls (
  2. Fit and Feminist (
  3. Diary Of A Semi-Health Nut (
  4. Love For Running (
  5. Yoga Dork (
  6. Heavy Girl To Healthy Girl (
  7. Mind Body Green (
  8. Sprouted Kitchen (
  9. Treble In The Kitchen (
  10. Social Workout (
  11. Beach Babe Fitness (
  12. Mile Posts (
  13. Pilates for the People (
  14. Fitzala (
  15. The Fit Habit (
  16. Fitness & Feta (
  17. The Fit Fork (
  18. Lift Pray Love (
  19. Purely Twins (
  20. Femme Fitale Fit Club (
  21. Naturally Ella (
  22. Staying On Pace (
  23. Life Fitness (
  24. Powercakes (
  25. Fit & Awesome (
  26. Fitnessista (
  27. Body Love Wellness (
  28. Live Run Love Yoga (
  29. Will Run For Margaritas (
  30. Weight Ladder (
  31. Brooke: Not On A Diet (
  32. Meals & Moves (
  33. Fitful Focus (
  34. Food Heaven Made Easy (
  35. End of Three Fitness (
  36. Nerd Fitness (
  37. Authentically Emmie (
  38. Bliss Tree (
  39. The Blonde Vegan (
  40. Yoga In Heels (
  41. Living The Before (
  42. Blogilates (
  43. Slow Is The New Fast (
  44. Running Rachel (
  45. Summer Tomato (
  46. Flexitarian Runaholic Diaries (
  47. Jessie Loves To Run (
  48. Mark’s Daily Apple (
  49. The Truth About Exercise (
  50. Sporty Afros (
  51. Back at Square Zero​ (
  52. The Sweet Life (
  53. Run Pretty (
  54. Zen Habits (
  55. Fit Mama WannaBe (
  56. Training for Warriors (
  57. Skinny Minnie Moves (
  58. The Great Fitness Experiment (
  59. Truth2BeingFit (
  60. MahaMondo (
  61. Fitness Black Book (
  62. Build Your Dream Body (
  63. Running Toward The Prize (

Amazing what you can pick up by seeing brilliance in action isn’t it? Just like taking care of your body, you won’t make much progress by sitting still and scratching your head.

By learning the basics of how to create a memorable brand, appreciating the qualities of a fine name and seeing how others put theory into practice, you’ll get a lot further.

Just dive in! Instead of a ‘Blonde Vegan’, maybe you’re a Brunette or a Red Head. Rather than ‘Sporty Afros’, perhaps ‘Lean Locks’ suits you better. Want to put a twist on the name ‘Yoga in Heels’ – how about ‘Running in Stilettos’?

67 Creative Fashion, Beauty and Makeup Blog Name Ideas for Girls

As more and more women start their own blogs to rant, rave and share tips about girly topics such as dressing up, make up and being stylishly chic, it’s getting harder to find a good blog name.

If you’re wondering how you can be creative to come up with a unique name that shows off the amazingly special qualities of your content or yourself, you should be able to get loads of ideas from these 67 bloggers who have used a range of naming strategies to name their blog.

  1. Fashion In The Forest
  2. The Girlz Korner
  3. All Natural Hair
  4. Rock Me Fabulous
  5. Beauty Obsessed
  6. Glamorous Without the Guilt
  7. Modern Green Beauty
  8. Mich Eats and Shops
  9. The Blessed Wardrobe
  10. Rummaged Musings
  11. Twice Styled
  12. Obscure Beauty Blog
  13. Glimmer N Gloss
  14. Modern Modest Beauty
  15. This Girl Does It All
  16. The Air Force Wife
  17. Kiss and Makeup
  18. Enjoy the Journey
  19. The Inbetween Girls
  20. My Many Loves
  21. Confessions of a Cosmetologist
  22. Glitter Gloss and Glaze
  23. Bipolar Life
  24. Beauty in Distress
  25. Sassy Chic
  26. Confession Closet
  27. Makeup Mistress
  28. Curly Girl Beauty
  29. A Blessed and Blissful Life
  30. Fancy Francy
  31. Lashes Love & Leather
  32. HairSpray and HighHeels
  33. The Charismatic One
  34. Fashion, Make Up & Me
  35. Maximum Style Minimum Dough
  36. Lovely Organic
  37. Diaries of a Fashion Designer Wannabe
  38. The Glam Life
  39. Sparkle In Sequins
  40. Beauty and the Scientist
  41. Lather Rinse Clean
  42. Not Your Average Style Fix
  43. Pretty Little Things
  44. Wonderland Beauty
  45. Ann About Town
  46. Hidden in Love
  47. Casual Chic Mom
  48. Nail Polish Lane
  49. One Girls Obsession With Makeup
  50. Glamourholic Mom
  51. Suburban Style Challenge
  52. Babyboomers, Bombshells and Beauty
  53. Lisas Nail Obsession
  54. Stories of an Insecure Mess
  55. Dear Wallet
  56. Bohemian Muses
  57. Fashion at Its Finest
  58. Little Box Of Treasures
  59. Dliteful Trends
  60. Sense Paradise
  61. Pink Mommy
  62. Makeup Mistress
  63. A State Of Ruins
  64. Indie Prep Girl
  65. Fashion Coma
  66. Peace Love and Shimmer
  67. Whims and Craze

Feeling more inspired now?

Grab your pen or fire up notepad on your computer and start making lists of words that are related to your interests or which are intricately linked to who you are.

Your goal is to produce as many relevant keywords as possible so that you can combine them with each other creatively and add in other words to form catchy sounding and meaningful names.

Short vs Long: 35 Good Tumblogs with 2 to 6 Word Names that are Catchy and Clever

One of the key questions when it comes to blog naming is whether it’s better to have a shorter name that’s not quite as catchy, or a longer one that makes a bigger impact.

There’s always going to be a trade off between name length and how much meaning you can squeeze into one or two words. So, what should you go with?

It depends on what your site is about.

Journalistic vs Topical Blog Names

For topical blogs – where your content is very focused – it makes a lot of sense to pick a name that describes what you’ll be publishing. In this case, a longer name may give you more room to articulate the spirit behind your niche.

As you can see from the longer 3 to 6 word names below, most of them succeed in catching your attention by basing their names around the quirkiness of their content. If you’re limited to one or two words, this naming strategy may not be as effective.

In contrast, journalistic blogs tend to cover a wide range of topics and hence it may not be wise to have an overly limiting name. Short two-worded brandable names are ideal if you can come up with a good one. But you may find that adding a third word gives you a lot more flexibility to create something that’s meaningful.

On the whole, it’s probably fair to say that it’s better to have a slightly longer but good name that resonates with your audience well (which makes it easier to remember), rather than a short one that your readers don’t quite understand.

To get a better feel, take a look through these names of some leading Tumblr blogs.

Catchy 3-6 Word Names

Your name needs to grab the attention of your blog’s potential readers, so focus on coming up with something cool that will appeal to them instead of worrying too much about sticking to one or two words.

Even a 6-worded name can be memorable if it’s punchy or unique enough.

Selfies at a Funeral
Who Wore It Better?
Brides Throwing Cats
How May We Hate You?
Stuff On My Rabbit
Black Guys with Puppies
Actresses Without Teeth
Kim Jong Il Looking At Things
Hung Over Owls
How Do I Put This Gently?
Literally Unbelievable
Food On My Dog
The Monkeys You Ordered
Clients From Hell
Jesus Is A Jerk
Gurl Goes to Africa
Shit No One Has Ever Said
Cats Watching You Have Sex
Muppets With People Eyes

Creative 2-Word Names

Look around and you’ll notice that the majority of super successful websites have no more than 2 words in their names. There must be a reason for this.

In fact, most huge brands tend to be made up of only a single word. While you may not have grandiose plans for your blog to be the next Google, Twitter or Skype, it’s worth noting how powerful brand names are generally as short as possible.

Although many of the longer names listed above are catchy and memorable, i’m sure you’ll agree that the following 2-worded ones are in a class of their own:

Tastefully Offensive
Cash Cats
Comically Vintage
People Who
Rejected Onion
Young Manhattanite
Wonder Tonic
Exploding Actresses
Bajillion Hits
Natural Palettes
Cheese People
Lady Scouts
Team Coco
Jeopardy Hotties
Unhappy Hipsters
Public Shaming

In Conclusion

You’ve got lots of options. There’s no right or wrong. Just start by making a list with any idea that comes into your mind. Don’t worry if they don’t quite sound right, as you can polish them up and combine them in different ways to see what works best.

Most of the names listed above are for topical blogs, but if you’re writing a personal blog, do remember that the name can focus on yourself as the blogger, rather than the content.

There’s just one thing you should always bear in mind when coming up with a cool blog name – your audience. You should have a good grasp of who they are, what they like, what may put them off, and what they’ll think is amazingly awesome. After all, they’re the ones who you’re ultimately trying to impress.

33 Blog Names for Teachers to Get Naming Ideas and Inspiration

Kids learn by observing and mimicking the world around them. Teachers and educators who don’t know how to come up with a creative blog name can do the same by picking up tips and ideas from existing bloggers.

This collection of education related blog names has a mix of really awesome brands and a handful of examples that are not very good.

As you will see, a broad range of naming techniques have been used to create the names. Choose the ones you like and customize them to suit your profile or your blog’s focus.

  1. Tales From the School Bus: Interesting name that definitely grabs your attention and makes you want to know more
  2. The Jose Vilson: Just add a ‘The’ in front of your name to name your blog
  3. Language Moments: Two worded names like this normally work well, but this one is so-so
  4. Principals Page The Blog: As always, alliteration saves the day
  5. Learn Me Good: Good one – not much else to say
  6. Always Learning: Fanastic name for any sort of education related blog
  7. Rockin’ Teacher Materials: It’s amazing how just one word and a modified spelling can have such a big impact
  8. Ramblings of a Fifth and Sixth Grade Teacher: Combine the Grade you teach with Ramblings, Rants and Raves for a winning name
  9. Juice Boxes and Crayolas: Full marks for quirkiness – totally love this one
  10. 3rd Grade Thoughts: Nice and simple – the double t’s work well too
  11. Connected Principals: Who are they connected to? Each other, teachers or the students?
  12. Not So Distant Future: Hmm, on the fence with this one
  13. Free Tech For Teachers: Descriptive names just can’t be clever or creative
  14. Special Education Strategies And More: Drop the ‘and more’ and it could be passable
  15. Weblogg-ed: Visually clever, but there are many better ways to play with words
  16. Hack Education: Edu Hacker would be a lot cooler
  17. Kevin’s Meandering Mind: A safe blog naming strategy is to describe some aspect about yourself
  18. Never Ending Search: One of those Grade-B names
  19. An A-Z of ELT: Not bad – especially if your audience knows what ELT is
  20. Pair-a-dimes for Your Thoughts: Always remember – less is more when it comes to names
  21. Teaching Literacy in the Primary Classroom: Clear but not concise – a name couldn’t get any more unimaginative than this
  22. Lisa’s (Online) Teaching Blog: The way to go for anyone who’s afraid of being too pretentious
  23. Online Sapiens: Some will like this, some won’t. I do.
  24. Confessions of a Teaching Junkie: Read the wrong way, you might think the teacher is a junky
  25. Stump The Teacher: Perfect! Know your audience and know how to connect with them
  26. The Tattooed Teacher: Students love cool teachers, especially tattooed ones
  27. Docere Est Discere: Your readers need to understand the name before they can appreciate it
  28. Regurgitated Alpha Bits: Certainly unique, and quite catchy too
  29. Authentic Teaching: Choose your words carefully – some descriptive names are better than others
  30. Oh’ Boy Fourth Grade: Being a bit quirky always makes your blog stand out from all the others
  31. Mrs. Yollis’ Classroom Blog: This would be a lot more boring if the teacher was Mrs Smith
  32. A Principal’s Reflections: Reflections is a fresh change from Rambles and Rants
  33. Learning with e’s: If you want to know more, you’re just going to have to check the blog out

Do share any questions or feedback in the comments below. And if you know any great teacher blog names, please share them so that we can improve the collection of names in this post.

54 Creative Blog Names about Life, Love, Happiness and Personal Growth

One of the most popular subjects to blog about is life. Living it, experiencing it, dealing with it, and making the most of it. If you’re about to start a blog where you’ll be musing, ranting or raving about it, and are searching for a good blog name ideas, you may be in luck.

Listed below are 54 catchy blog names that refer to some aspect of life. There are inspirational phrases mixed together with a range of themes and styles to present an interestingly diverse choice.

You are free to choose and use them as your blog’s name, your blog’s website address and/or domain name if it’s available to be registered.

Before making your final decision, try to check in Google whether there is another blog with a confusingly similar name. Some of these names may already be names of existing products, so make sure you verify that it’s okay to use it. On the whole though, it should probably be fine to adopt most of these names for a personal blog.

  • Reasons to Smile
  • A Few Moments
  • Hints for Life
  • Looking Back
  • Laugh and Cry
  • Regret No More
  • Open the Window
  • Happiness is Free
  • Everyone Makes Mistakes
  • True Strength
  • Through My Eyes
  • Every Single Minute
  • Truer than True
  • Life too Precious
  • Keep On Moving
  • The Road to There
  • It Goes On
  • Positive Excellence
  • Youer than You
  • Miracle Me
  • Enhanced Experience
  • Fallen Future
  • Unlimited Choices
  • Walk Beside Me
  • The Good and Great
  • Minded Mindlessness
  • Forgotten Magic
  • Before It’s Gone
  • No Obstacles
  • Someday Today
  • Perfect Blemish
  • Flowering Thunder
  • Positive or Negative
  • Can’t Eat Money
  • At Some Point
  • Worthy of You
  • Ready to Love
  • Responding to Life
  • Courageous Proportions
  • Living Completely
  • Inner Awesomeness
  • Fantastically Liberated
  • Stop Being Busy
  • Voice or No Voice
  • Make It Easy
  • Shine So Bright
  • Too Many Dreams
  • Infinite Passion
  • Splendid Glory
  • Never Ever Ever
  • Utterly Amazing
  • Persistant Perseverence
  • Playing the Game
  • Evolving Perceptions

Hopefully, you found something you like. And if you didn’t, perhaps some of the names gave you ideas to create a one that’s a perfect fit for your blog.

11 Travel Blogs that Use Alliteration as a Creative Naming Strategy

One of the most effective and popular blog naming techniques is to use alliteration to create a memorable and catchy name that resonates with your blog’s target market.

Alliter-what? Unless you’re an English major or have a passion for language, you may not know much about alliteration. But rest assured, you’ve definitely come across it and been charmed by how it has been used to create multi-million dollar brand names.

Heard of Mickey Mouse, Dunkin’ Donuts, Best Buy, Coca-Cola or PayPal? How about American Airlines, Donald Duck, or Bed Bath & Beyond? Notice anything similar in how these names have been formed?

According to Wikipedia, “Alliteration is the repetition of the same sounds or of the same kinds of sounds at the beginning of words or in stressed syllables of an English language phrase.” It is a powerful way to create names that are fun to pronounce, easy to remember, and filled with clever word play or witty quirkiness.

Alliterative Travel Blog Names

Here are 11 leading travel blogs which use alliteration to come up with cool sounding names that are catchy and unique:

Notice how you can add a bit of variation and deviate from the standard 2 words that begin with the same alphabet (i.e. Mickey Mouse).

  1. Everything Everywhere – if you can find words that begin with the same word (such as ‘every’ in this case), the alliterative effect will be more striking
  2. Time Travel Turtle – find 3 words that are all alliterative and you’ll have triple the effect
  3. Heather On Her Travels – not every single word needs to begin with the same letter or sound the same
  4. Beers and Beans – using ‘and’ to combine 2 alliterative words gives you a lot of flexibility to come up with lots of names
  5. Mom’s Minivan – where possible, keep it short and simple
  6. Monkeys & Mountains – try and find words that have the same number of syllables to get a nice phonetic balance
  7. Mom Most Traveled – names don’t have to be perfectly or fully alliterative to be good
  8. Landlopers – if there’s an appropriate word where both syllables start with the same letter, it’s going to make a really cool name
  9. Camels & Chocolate – do camels eat chocolate?
  10. The Travel Tart – 3 words, 4 syllables, conveys a different meaning to different people
  11. Tourist 2 Townie – when spelt out, 2 begins with a ‘t’ as well. Clever.

Now it’s your turn.

Regardless of what your blog is about, you can start by creating a list of relevant words, phrases and common sayings. After that, get creative and combine them in alliterative ways to come up with awesome names that are packed with meaning, wit and catchiness.

30 Punning Names for Food and Funny Blog Name Ideas

It takes a fair bit of creativity to come up with a witty name that puts a smile on your targeted audience’s face. If you can achieve this, and have a deeper, relevant meaning behind the name, you’re onto a winner.

One of the most effective ways to create a funny blog name is to use a pun that people can relate to. By using clever word play and innovative spelling to give a double meaning to existing phrases, you can come up with some really cool names for a blog.

To get your creative juices flowing, here are xx examples of punning food related names which should give you plenty of ideas on what works and what doesn’t.

  1. Bean Me Up
  2. Life of Pie
  3. Thai Tanic
  4. En Thai Sing
  5. Planet of the Grapes
  6. Brewed Awakening
  7. Lord of the Fries
  8. The Codfather
  9. Just Falafs
  10. Fishcotheque
  11. Guan In a Million
  12. Nin Com Soup
  13. Prawnbroker
  14. Mother Cluckers
  15. Earth, Wind & Flour
  16. Wok This Way
  17. Syriandipity
  18. Filled of Dreams
  19. Pita Pan
  20. Basic Kneads
  21. Tequila Mockingbird
  22. Mrs Sippy
  23. Thai Me Up
  24. Thairanosaurus
  25. Lard Have Mercy
  26. Loaf & Devotion
  27. Grillenium Falcon
  28. Frying Nemo
  29. Lord of the Wings
  30. Lox Stock & Bagel

Many of these may be names of restaurants and existing blogs already. Try not to copy them outright, but be inspired by them to create a name that’s originally yours.

Have fun, and if you’re not very good with words, always ask friends and family for help. To a wordsmith, name play is fun and challenging. But for everyone else, it can be quite tricky. So, don’t tear your hair out if you can’t think of anything that’s vaguely amusing, go find someone who loves word games and has a way with words.

22 Creatively Catchy and Clever Names to Inspire You

One of the best ways to get great ideas for a new blog’s name is to get inspiration from existing blogs that have really cool names.

To save you time in hunting for them, here are 22 awesome names that have been handpicked to get you going:

  1. Celebritology – Appending the suffix ‘ology’ to a blog’s core focus is a quick way to create a clever sounding and unique name, especially if the resulting word is not already in existence and you actually end up with a brand new word. Celebritology is one of these made up words, as there is no known offcial science or study of celebrities.
  2. Rawmazing – Yes, raw food is amazingly good for you, and if you want to reflect this in your blog’s name, then the blend of ‘raw’ and ‘amazing’ produces ‘rawmazing’. At the same time, it could double up with a secondary meaning of guiding readers through the maze of being a raw foodie.
  3. Sacatomato – If your first impression was that this blog has something to do with Sacramento, then you’re very right, and the blogger has achieved his or her objective of catchily incoporating the blog’s focus into a made up name that combines ‘Sacramento’ with ‘tomoato’. It also sounds a little like ‘sack of tomato(es)’ but that’s probably a coincidence. Why tomatoes? Not sure. There isn’t a hidden meaning in every name. Sometimes, its chosen just because it sounds funny.
  4. Vanilla Garlic – Whether it’s from seeing two words that you’ve never seen slung together before, or from trying to imagine (or cringe at) the taste described, this name does stop you in your tracks as its certainly different. It doesn’t make you want to taste it, but does make you curious enough to want to take a look at whether this food blogger’s opinions are as unique and quirky as the name he’s chosen for his blog.
  5. Eagletarian – At first glance the name looks like it might be a play on the word ‘egalitarian’, but further inspection reveals that it is a blog about the Philadelphia Eagles, where the word ‘Eagle’ has been combined with an ‘arian’ suffix to produce a name that suggests the blogger is a believer, advocate and supporter of the Eagles.
  6. Blogriculture – Think this sounds like it may be the name of a blog about agriculture?Well, it is. The best names sound good, are memorable and communicate what the underlying blog focuses on. This combination of ‘blog’ and ‘agriculture’ is a natural fit, but other words and topics may not gel together quite as nicely.
  7. Angry Chicken – Birds and chickens are animals that you don’t typically view as being bad tempered or angry. That’s why these types of names work well in perking a reader’s attention, as they are quirky and a little weird. Such naming styles are not cleverly infused with meaning, they are memorable, strange and just make you want to check them out.
  8. Fashionologie – For blog topics that are extremely popular such as fashion, where most naming styles and strategies have been overused already, you can combine 2 different approaches to produce something unique. In this case, it’s using an ‘ology’ suffix, and modifying the spelling to ‘ologie’ to give it a fashionable french sound.
  9. PEA Soup – The use of a generic term of phrase in a non-generic way often works wonders, such as adopting Apple as a name to sell computers rather than edible apples. This blog is called PEA Soup but it’s got nothing to do with peas or soups. Instead the capitalized PEA indicates that it’s an acronym, which actually stands for Philosophy, Ethics and Academia. And the Soup presumably refers to the way these subjects have been blended together.
  10. House of Spots – Without knowledge of the content, you may be forgiven for thinking this is some sort of acne treatment blog that has adapated the phrase ‘house of cards’ and replaced ‘cards’ with ‘spots’. But once you find out the blogger is a dog lover, you’d be right in concluding the blog is all about dalmatians and the home that houses them.
  11. Just Bento – When you think of Japanese food, bento boxes may come to mind, but when you hear or read the word ‘bento’ used in a blog’s name, you’ll instantly think it’s focused on Japanese cuisine. Sometimes, a unique word (ie bento) from a particular topic can be used to make a more creative name, rather than using a generic description (ie japanese food blog).
  12. Typographica – A well created name combining ‘typography’ or ‘typographic’ with an ‘ica’ suffix to produce a unique result that presumably means a collection of all things related to typography. Or, an ‘a’ could have simply been added to the end of ‘typographic’ to turn a descriptive word into a cooler sounding name for a blog.
  13. Culturistas – Most of the time, any name with an ‘ista’ suffix usually leads one to think that it’s a name for a fashion blog. In this case, the blog is related to all things culture, from fashion and style to music and nightlife.
  14. Cats In Sinks – Why on earth are cats fascinated with sinks? It doesn’t matter if you don’t know, all that does is you know they are, and hence it makes a great name for a cat lovers blog, especially if it is filled with pictures of them playing, sitting, or lounging in sinks. When you start a new blog in an already overcrowded market, a generic name like ‘funny cat pictures’ just won’t cut it, as there are plenty of other blogs with the same name, so find a unique niche and name your blog accordingly.
  15. The Sake Guy – A blog about Japanese life and culture doesn’t need to have the word ‘Japan’ in its name. In fact, a creatively named blog almost always doesn’t, as there are cooler and more indirect ways of getting that message across, such as using an unmistakably Japanese word or concept, such as ‘sake’ for instance.
  16. Give Me Moore! – Most of the time a punning blog name will work its magic to reflect the wittiness and creativity of the blogger, even if they didn’t come up with it themselves. Here, ‘more’ from the phrase ‘give me more’ has been modded to ‘Moore’ which looks like it is a surname. On closer inspection, this is a blog by photographer Kelly Moore. Perfect fit.
  17. Traffick – A cleverly modified spelling of a word (used in its descriptive sense or in a brandable way) is a creative method to make up a blog’s name. In this case, a ‘k’ has been added to the end of the word ‘traffic’ to create a new word that is pronounced in the same way and sounds identical. Short, memorable and classy.
  18. Fooducate – It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that this blog educates readers about food. That’s because the name is effective in conveying the essence of its content and what it hopes to achieve. This name blends ‘food’ with ‘educate’, but notice that it does not need to do it in a grammatically correct way. If so, the term would be ‘food education’ and the resulting name would be ‘fooducation’.
  19. The Foodinista – Fashion and food goes hand in hand for some people. Both are indulgences that women love, so why not create a name that is inspired by elements from each of them. This blog combines the word ‘foodie’ with the ending from ‘fashionista’ to come up with a catchy sounding name that tells readers the blogger is obsesseed with food.
  20. Infrastructurist – You get accupuncturists but never have we come across any infrastructurists. This is obviously a made up word combining ‘infrastructure’ with an ‘ist’ suffix to suggest that the blogger is some sort of an infrastructure expert or the blog is somehow related to the construction and related industries.
  21. Eat. Drink. Smile. – Eat-Love-Pray type names are generally still regarded to be relatively creative, especially when compared with unimaginative descriptive keyphrases. You can modify the 3 verbs to include anything you like. In this case, it’s eating, drinking and smiling.
  22. Managing Mankind – This name’s alliterative qualities definitely enhances its appeal, especially since both words start with the same three letters ‘man’, and not just one or two. But it is the combined meaning that lifts the impact of the name even further, as a claim of ‘managing mankind’ can only incite interest in anyone who comes across the name.