15 Cleverly Named Blogs that are Worth Noting

There are plenty of naming strategies that can be used to come up with a memorable and meaningful name for your new blog.

Here are 16 examples of good names that have been created with a range of different techniques:

  1. Nourish Me – Sometimes simplicity trumps super creativeness, especially if you have a broad audience where a large proportion of them may be simpletons who are not good at interpreting witty word play. Use words that clearly define your niche. This is not just a food blog, it’s evidently one that focuses on nourishing meals and nutritional eats.
  2. Remarkablogger What do you call a remarkable blogger? Remarkablogger or course. This is an interesting combination to create something that certainly fits, but the end result is quite average as it somehow just doesn’t roll off the tongue perfectly. Maybe it’s a bit too long with 5 syllables.
  3. Jung at Heart – Nice, very nice, especially if it is a blog related to psychiatry, which it is, since the author is a Jungian psychotherapist. When you use a unique and topic specific word or name (such as ‘Jung’ in this case, referring to Carl Jung the famous Swiss who founded analytical psychology), it will automatically resonate with your intended audience. Others may not ‘get it’ but that doesn’t matter, as long as those who you’re trying to reach value and appreciate the sophistication in the name you created. Now combine that word (ie Jung) with a popular phrase such as ‘young at heart’, and you have a meaningful name that communicates how Jung is at the heart of (or central to) your approach.
  4. Shrink Rap – As a blog related to psychoanalysis, this name has multiple creative spins to it, all revolving around the core phrase ‘shrink wrap’ which of course has nothing to do with psychology or psychiatry. Everyone knows that ‘shrink’ is an informal term for a psychiatrist, while ‘rap’ refers to a music style where lyrics are spoken or ‘rapped’ rather than sung in the conventional way. Combined, these two word plays become a great name for a psychiatrist’s blog.
  5. Pensieve – This is a mommy blog where the author shares great tips and advice. There are a couple of potential interpretations of how the name is made up – by blending the word ‘pensive’ with ‘sieve’, or by combining the word ‘pen’ with ‘sieve’ to produce a result that sounds like ‘pensive’. Either way, it involves the blogger’s thoughts and opinions that have been sifted or distilled into coherent and useful thoughts that are ‘penned’ into the blog.
  6. SimpleMom – A lot of mommy bloggers are clever, smart and capable super moms who dish out awesome advice, but their readers may not completely relate to them in a down to earth way. Amidst the flurry of differing expert mom blogs out there, by choosing a classic and unpretentious name, you could connect with a lot of readers who instantly connect with you as they view you to be just like them, a simple mom.
  7. Lifehacker – The term hacker usually refers to a super smart computer genius who can do spectacular things at amazing speeds because they have clever know-hows on ways to ‘hack’ things. This blog focuses on offering productivity tips to make everyday tasks significantly easier to achieve. In short, it helps readers to hack their way through life. The resulting name is simple and descriptive in this sense, but hacking is not normally associating with people’s lives and that’s what makes this name slightly quirky and hence awesome.
  8. The Onion – An onion has many layers, each of which can be removed gradually in order to get to the core. A quirky name can be weird or amusing on the surface, but it could also be loaded with meaning if it has been creatively thought up. But sometimes, there’s no clever history behind it, and in the case of TheOnion, apparently the founders were so poor when they started the publication that they were down to eating white bread and onions.
  9. TreeHugger – In every industry or niche, there are specific terms or phrases that are unique, and these normally make good names for blogs as they will naturally connect with your targeted audience. When it comes to green and environmentally related topics, ‘tree huggers’ is definitely a popular way to describe people who want to save trees, save animals, and save the planet.
  10. Money Saving Mom – A creative name doesn’t need to be too clever. It just needs to be effective and appeal to its audience. This name is descriptively simple and full of meaning to communicate what it’s all about. The natural use of alliteration (with money and mom both starting with ‘mo’) produces a great name that’s easy to pronounce, intuitive, memorable and meaningful.
  11. Skool Days – For a nostalgia blog, this is an awesome name that’s extremely creative. It combines the core phrase of ‘school days’ which already involves looking back into the past, together with the word ‘skool’ from the phrase ‘old skool’ (which refers to old and out of date ways of doing things that are cool). Very nice indeed.
  12. Life in the Turn Lane – As a Nascar focused blog, this name simply combines the popular phrase ‘life in the fast lane’ with ‘turn lane’ which is a driving related term to produce a unique name that’s easy to remember.
  13. Black Flamingo – Although it has been used as a name for lots of brands and products, ‘black flamingo’ is still effective as a blog’s name. Similar to black sheeps, swans and any animal where black is not their common colour but a one-off anomaly, the use of such a name automatically indicates that the underlying product is unique, different and special. When you think of flamingoes, you imagine orangey pink birds, so when one visualizes a black one, it definitely stands out from the crowd.
  14. Hippy Shopper – There’s nothing exceptionally creative or clever about this name. It’s just short, simple and goes straight to the point. Maybe it’s the double p’s that gives it a pleasing look when spelt out.
  15. Pearsonified – This is one of the best personal blog names ever created. It’s rich with meaning, creativity and relevance. Chris Pearson (the author) has beautifully blended his name with the word ‘personified’ to produce a unique brand. In addition, the suffix ‘ified’ also refers to the process of ‘becoming’ or ‘to become’ something, hence any words, concepts or thoughts shared in this blog has effectively become ‘pearson-ed’. Absolutely brilliant.

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  1. “Pensieve” is from Harry Potter. It was a stone basin that Professor Dumbledore used to siphon his thoughts from his mind when his mind became too busy to think clearly. I would assume that the author of this blog uses the blog for the same purpose: to clear her mind.

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