30 Punning Names for Food and Funny Blog Name Ideas

It takes a fair bit of creativity to come up with a witty name that puts a smile on your targeted audience’s face. If you can achieve this, and have a deeper, relevant meaning behind the name, you’re onto a winner.

One of the most effective ways to create a funny blog name is to use a pun that people can relate to. By using clever word play and innovative spelling to give a double meaning to existing phrases, you can come up with some really cool names for a blog.

To get your creative juices flowing, here are xx examples of punning food related names which should give you plenty of ideas on what works and what doesn’t.

  1. Bean Me Up
  2. Life of Pie
  3. Thai Tanic
  4. En Thai Sing
  5. Planet of the Grapes
  6. Brewed Awakening
  7. Lord of the Fries
  8. The Codfather
  9. Just Falafs
  10. Fishcotheque
  11. Guan In a Million
  12. Nin Com Soup
  13. Prawnbroker
  14. Mother Cluckers
  15. Earth, Wind & Flour
  16. Wok This Way
  17. Syriandipity
  18. Filled of Dreams
  19. Pita Pan
  20. Basic Kneads
  21. Tequila Mockingbird
  22. Mrs Sippy
  23. Thai Me Up
  24. Thairanosaurus
  25. Lard Have Mercy
  26. Loaf & Devotion
  27. Grillenium Falcon
  28. Frying Nemo
  29. Lord of the Wings
  30. Lox Stock & Bagel

Many of these may be names of restaurants and existing blogs already. Try not to copy them outright, but be inspired by them to create a name that’s originally yours.

Have fun, and if you’re not very good with words, always ask friends and family for help. To a wordsmith, name play is fun and challenging. But for everyone else, it can be quite tricky. So, don’t tear your hair out if you can’t think of anything that’s vaguely amusing, go find someone who loves word games and has a way with words.

7 thoughts on “30 Punning Names for Food and Funny Blog Name Ideas

  1. Kristin from MN

    These are brilliant! So clever and hilarious! Can you think of some ideas that I could use for a blog about Panama or moving abroad?

    1. Sam Post author

      Hey Kristin – apologies for the dreadfully late reply. Are you still hunting for blog name ideas? If so, do share any names you’re considering or a list of names you really like.

      If you’ve already chosen one, do share it with us 🙂

    1. Sam Post author

      What is your blog about?

      To get suitable blog name suggestions, you need to share as much information about yourself and/or your blog, as well as examples of names you like or have come up with yourself.

  2. Shrusti

    Love these ideas! I’m actually helping my mother start a food and lifestyle blog…Any ideas? It’s going to be focused on Indian cuisine, with some other home experimenting. I’m just so bad at coming up with names. Also, if it help’s my mom’s name is Mamta (which sounds like a variation of mama)…

    ***** REPLY ****

    Hi Shrusti,

    Here are some ideas to get you going:

    Eat with Mamta (or you can change it to Cooking/Life/Food with Mamta)
    Mamata (this is a nice made-up name that’s nice and unique)
    A Life of Spice (a variation of Spice of Life)
    Tales from an Indian Home (this is more descriptive)

    If you share some examples of names you like I can try to offer more suggestions

  3. Misty Smith

    Hello I am wanting to start a blog about my journey with food allergies and being a chef/foodie!!! Do you have any ideas?

    1. Sam Post author

      To get better feedback, it’d be good if you can share more about what you have in mind and some potential names you’re considering.

      From what you’ve mentioned, ‘Foodie Allergies’ jumps to mind.


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