63 Running, Yoga, Workout and Healthy Living Blogs with Uniquely Interesting Names

Are you starting a new fitness related blog and need to find a cool name for it? Or perhaps you already have a blog but want to change its name to something that sounds more catchy?

Either way, what you should do is get plenty of ideas before making a decision. You should evaluate the different naming options you can use to come up with a creative name.

And one of the quickest ways to find inspiration and learn about the art of effective blog naming is to review as many awesome names as possible.

To get you going, here are 63 blogs with a wide range of catchy and clever names that focus on getting fit. It doesn’t matter if your blog doesn’t cover the same topics exactly, as you can still get ideas for good names from any of them.

  1. Fit-Bottomed Girls (http://fitbottomedgirls.com/)
  2. Fit and Feminist (http://fitandfeminist.wordpress.com/)
  3. Diary Of A Semi-Health Nut (http://www.semihealthyblog.com/)
  4. Love For Running (http://www.loveforrunning.com/)
  5. Yoga Dork (http://www.yogadork.com)
  6. Heavy Girl To Healthy Girl (http://www.heavygirltohealthygirl.com/)
  7. Mind Body Green (http://www.mindbodygreen.com/)
  8. Sprouted Kitchen (http://www.sproutedkitchen.com/)
  9. Treble In The Kitchen (http://trebleinthekitchen.com/)
  10. Social Workout (http://socialworkout.com/)
  11. Beach Babe Fitness (http://www.beachbabefitness.com/)
  12. Mile Posts (http://www.mile-posts.com/)
  13. Pilates for the People (http://pilatesforthepeople.blogspot.com/)
  14. Fitzala (http://fitzala.com/)
  15. The Fit Habit (http://www.thefithabit.com/)
  16. Fitness & Feta (http://fitnessandfeta.com/)
  17. The Fit Fork (http://thefitfork.com/)
  18. Lift Pray Love (http://www.liftpraylove.com/)
  19. Purely Twins (http://purelytwins.com/)
  20. Femme Fitale Fit Club (http://femmefitalefitclub.com/)
  21. Naturally Ella (http://naturallyella.com/)
  22. Staying On Pace (http://www.stayingonpace.com/)
  23. Life Fitness (http://www.lifefitness.com/blog.html)
  24. Powercakes (http://www.powercakes.net/)
  25. Fit & Awesome (http://fitandawesome.com/)
  26. Fitnessista (http://fitnessista.com)
  27. Body Love Wellness (http://www.bodylovewellness.com/)
  28. Live Run Love Yoga (http://liverunloveyoga.com/)
  29. Will Run For Margaritas (http://willrunformargaritas.com/)
  30. Weight Ladder (http://www.weightladder.com/)
  31. Brooke: Not On A Diet (http://brookenotonadiet.com/)
  32. Meals & Moves (http://mealsandmovesblog.com/)
  33. Fitful Focus (http://fitfulfocus.com/)
  34. Food Heaven Made Easy (http://www.foodheavenmadeeasy.com/)
  35. End of Three Fitness (http://www.endofthreefitness.com/)
  36. Nerd Fitness (http://www.nerdfitness.com/blog/)
  37. Authentically Emmie (http://authenticallyemmie.com/)
  38. Bliss Tree (http://www.blisstree.com/)
  39. The Blonde Vegan (http://www.theblondevegan.com/)
  40. Yoga In Heels (http://yogainheels.com/)
  41. Living The Before (http://www.livingthebefore.com/)
  42. Blogilates (http://www.blogilates.com/)
  43. Slow Is The New Fast (http://slowisthenewfast.com/)
  44. Running Rachel (http://www.runningrachel.com/)
  45. Summer Tomato (http://summertomato.com/)
  46. Flexitarian Runaholic Diaries (http://runaholic.wordpress.com/)
  47. Jessie Loves To Run (http://jessieloves2run.com/)
  48. Mark’s Daily Apple (http://www.marksdailyapple.com)
  49. The Truth About Exercise (http://thetruthaboutexercise.wordpress.com/)
  50. Sporty Afros (http://www.sportyafros.com/)
  51. Back at Square Zero​ (http://www.backatsquarezero.com/)
  52. The Sweet Life (http://www.sweetlifeericka.com/)
  53. Run Pretty (http://runprettyblog.com/)
  54. Zen Habits (http://zenhabits.net/)
  55. Fit Mama WannaBe (http://www.sparklesandbugs.blogspot.com/)
  56. Training for Warriors (http://www.trainingforwarriors.com/)
  57. Skinny Minnie Moves (http://www.skinnyminniemoves.com/)
  58. The Great Fitness Experiment (http://www.thegreatfitnessexperiment.com)
  59. Truth2BeingFit (http://truth2beingfit.com/)
  60. MahaMondo (http://www.mahamondo.typepad.com/)
  61. Fitness Black Book (http://fitnessblackbook.com/)
  62. Build Your Dream Body (http://www.buildyourdreambody.com/)
  63. Running Toward The Prize (http://runningtowardtheprize.com/)

Amazing what you can pick up by seeing brilliance in action isn’t it? Just like taking care of your body, you won’t make much progress by sitting still and scratching your head.

By learning the basics of how to create a memorable brand, appreciating the qualities of a fine name and seeing how others put theory into practice, you’ll get a lot further.

Just dive in! Instead of a ‘Blonde Vegan’, maybe you’re a Brunette or a Red Head. Rather than ‘Sporty Afros’, perhaps ‘Lean Locks’ suits you better. Want to put a twist on the name ‘Yoga in Heels’ – how about ‘Running in Stilettos’?

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