Short vs Long: 35 Good Tumblogs with 2 to 6 Word Names that are Catchy and Clever

One of the key questions when it comes to blog naming is whether it’s better to have a shorter name that’s not quite as catchy, or a longer one that makes a bigger impact.

There’s always going to be a trade off between name length and how much meaning you can squeeze into one or two words. So, what should you go with?

It depends on what your site is about.

Journalistic vs Topical Blog Names

For topical blogs – where your content is very focused – it makes a lot of sense to pick a name that describes what you’ll be publishing. In this case, a longer name may give you more room to articulate the spirit behind your niche.

As you can see from the longer 3 to 6 word names below, most of them succeed in catching your attention by basing their names around the quirkiness of their content. If you’re limited to one or two words, this naming strategy may not be as effective.

In contrast, journalistic blogs tend to cover a wide range of topics and hence it may not be wise to have an overly limiting name. Short two-worded brandable names are ideal if you can come up with a good one. But you may find that adding a third word gives you a lot more flexibility to create something that’s meaningful.

On the whole, it’s probably fair to say that it’s better to have a slightly longer but good name that resonates with your audience well (which makes it easier to remember), rather than a short one that your readers don’t quite understand.

To get a better feel, take a look through these names of some leading Tumblr blogs.

Catchy 3-6 Word Names

Your name needs to grab the attention of your blog’s potential readers, so focus on coming up with something cool that will appeal to them instead of worrying too much about sticking to one or two words.

Even a 6-worded name can be memorable if it’s punchy or unique enough.

Selfies at a Funeral
Who Wore It Better?
Brides Throwing Cats
How May We Hate You?
Stuff On My Rabbit
Black Guys with Puppies
Actresses Without Teeth
Kim Jong Il Looking At Things
Hung Over Owls
How Do I Put This Gently?
Literally Unbelievable
Food On My Dog
The Monkeys You Ordered
Clients From Hell
Jesus Is A Jerk
Gurl Goes to Africa
Shit No One Has Ever Said
Cats Watching You Have Sex
Muppets With People Eyes

Creative 2-Word Names

Look around and you’ll notice that the majority of super successful websites have no more than 2 words in their names. There must be a reason for this.

In fact, most huge brands tend to be made up of only a single word. While you may not have grandiose plans for your blog to be the next Google, Twitter or Skype, it’s worth noting how powerful brand names are generally as short as possible.

Although many of the longer names listed above are catchy and memorable, i’m sure you’ll agree that the following 2-worded ones are in a class of their own:

Tastefully Offensive
Cash Cats
Comically Vintage
People Who
Rejected Onion
Young Manhattanite
Wonder Tonic
Exploding Actresses
Bajillion Hits
Natural Palettes
Cheese People
Lady Scouts
Team Coco
Jeopardy Hotties
Unhappy Hipsters
Public Shaming

In Conclusion

You’ve got lots of options. There’s no right or wrong. Just start by making a list with any idea that comes into your mind. Don’t worry if they don’t quite sound right, as you can polish them up and combine them in different ways to see what works best.

Most of the names listed above are for topical blogs, but if you’re writing a personal blog, do remember that the name can focus on yourself as the blogger, rather than the content.

There’s just one thing you should always bear in mind when coming up with a cool blog name – your audience. You should have a good grasp of who they are, what they like, what may put them off, and what they’ll think is amazingly awesome. After all, they’re the ones who you’re ultimately trying to impress.

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