25 Great Blog Names that are Simply Awesome

Great names are priceless. Unfortunately, it takes a fair bit of wit and clever wordplay to come up with a truly outstanding gem.

If you’re still trying to figure out what to call your new site, check out these catchy names to get some ideas.

  1. Swissmiss – Rhyming words make great names, but only if they are relevant and meaningful. This one is, as the blogger is a Swiss designer and female.
  2. Memeorandum – Great example of a name using combined words to create an original brand. This one blends meme with memorandum perfectly.
  3. Bargaineering – What do you get when you fuse ‘bargain’ with ‘engineering’? An awesome name for a personal finance blog.
  4. Wisebread – Quirky combinations of words usually get people’s attention. In its regular meaning, bread is not normally thought to be wise, but when it refers to money, this is a cool name for a finance blog.
  5. Smitten Kitchen – A perfect example of a beautiful and memorable name using 2 words packed full of meaning, ryhme and have the same number of syllables.
  6. What Katie Ate – From What Katie Ate and What Kim Wore, to Where Allie Went and Where Jill Played, short descriptive questions can make effective personal or topical blog names when done right.
  7. Man vs. Debt – You’d normally think of ‘versus’ being used to refer to 2 teams or people competing together, but evidently, it’s also an ideal way to sum up any struggle, task or challenging goal, such as keeping personal debt under control.
  8. Saving for Serenity – Nice name that uses alliteration for a phonetic impact, and a quirky meaning for added effect. We think of saving for a new car, home or a vacation, but not normally for serenity.
  9. Weakonomics – Another blended name produced by combining two words. In this case it’s ‘weak’ and ‘economics’ which work well as the ‘eak’ in weak sounds similar to the ‘ec’ in economics.
  10. Inhabitat – This is nice and clever. There’s ‘inhabit’, ‘habitat’ and even ‘inhabitant’, but no ‘inhabitat’ until this name was cleverly created for a blog about the future of design and technology.
  11. Shelteriffic – A fitting name for a home improvement blog that mixes ‘shelter’ and ‘teriffic’ nicely with the last 3 letters of the first word being the same as the first 3 letters of the second word. Some word combos are naturally suited better than others.
  12. Bad Banana – Alliterative names work most of the time, especially if they get your attention and make you want to know more. This one certainly does that. Surely the blog’s not about a rotting nana. Is it?
  13. GameSetWatch – Sometimes, all it takes is a tiny tweak of a single alphabet to modify a common phrase into a cool blog name, and in this case, Game-Set-Match has simply been innovated into Game-Set-Watch.
  14. Economix – The use of alternate spellings as a way to modify a dictionary word into a unique brand whilst keeping the same phonetic sound and pronouciation of the word is a clever naming strategy. Rappers do this a lot.
  15. Freakonomics – This is what you get when you marry ‘freak’ with ‘economics’? A fresh term to rationalize quirky realities of the real world from an economist’s perspective.
  16. The Kitchn – Words can be transformed into unique brand names by spelling them in a quirky way and a common technique is to drop a vowel at the end of the word which may not change the way the resulting name is pronounced. Hence ‘flicker’ becomes ‘Flickr’, and ‘kitchen’ becomes ‘Kitchn’.
  17. Rambling Spoon – Quirky names like this are amusing. Just combine an adjective that’s not normally used to describe an object and you’ll often produce something that is attention grabbing. When was the last time you saw a spoon ramble on?
  18. Rafael Nadal – Rafa’s parents probably didn’t do it intentionally, but the endings of his first and last name rhyme nicely. It’s not a perfect rhyme, but there’s a nice phonetic bounce to it. As a result, his name makes for a great blog name too.
  19. Centsational Girl – A beautiful modification of the word ‘sensational’ (aren’t all women?) by using ‘cent’ to replace the ‘sen’, and coming up with a unique word that instantly indicates it’s a money saving or bargain hunting blog.
  20. Bargain Babe – No overly clever word play here where both words are used in their natural meaning, and combined eloquently to produce an effective alliterative name that’s memorable and meaningful.
  21. Get Rich Slowly – Something that is out of the ordinary normally stands out in the crowd. If every other blog is claiming to help readers to ‘get rich quickly’, and you call yours ‘get rich slowly’, you’re going to be different, and different is good when it comes to creating unique names.
  22. Moolanomy – The use of a slang or alternative word is normally effective in creating a creative name. Instead of using ‘money’ as your main keyword, you could replace it with ‘bread’ or in this case, ‘moola’, so that when you further combine it with ‘economy’ (or any other word ending in ‘nomy’), you’ll have an extremely unique name that’s packed with meaning.
  23. Field of Schemes – Words that ryhme don’t need to be spelt in a similar way, it’s the sound produced when they’re pronounced that’s important. This one is a perfect adaptation of ‘field of dreams’.
  24. Thinking Out Cloud – Simply brilliant. There may be other phrases with the word ‘cloud’ in it that could be used for a cloud computing blog, but in this case, the underlying phrase of ‘thinking out loud’ is just perfect to refer to a blog where the blogger is sharing his or her opinion with the world.
  25. Petite Planet – As a Parenting/Mommy blog, this name is particularly cool in a number of ways as ‘petite’ is an elegant way to describe the little ones and ‘planet’ certainly sums up the unique lens that they view the word through. But it’s the lovely mix of the two words that produces a wonderful combined effect.


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