17 Examples of Good Blog Names to Get Naming Ideas

If you’re about to start a new blog and just can’t think of a cool name for it, then browse through this collection of 16 creative blog names to get some inspiration.

There are lots of different ways to come up with an awesome name and you can take your pick from the naming style that’s best suited to your blog.

  1. Babyrazzi – Very few words end with ‘razzi’ and the first one that comes to mind is ‘paparazzi’. And what are the paparazzi associated with? Celebrities. Hence, no prizes for guessing that this is the name for a blog about celebrities and their babies. A very creative and suitable name indeed.
  2. College Candy – Some names just hit the spot, and you know it when you see or hear them. This is one of them. You don’t know if the blogger’s name is Candy or whether she’s sweet. It doesn’t matter. The alliteration sounds good, you know it’s probably about the non-academic side of colleges, and it makes you want to check it out. What more can a name ask for? And oh yes, it’s super memorable as well.
  3. Simply, Me – This blogger is either unpretentious, unsuccessful at finding a creatively catchy name, or simply unimaginative. Regardless, mixed in among names that are clever, cool and witty, this one does stand out in its own way. Makes you think – what’s so simply you? As long as you can perk an interest, you’re half way towards getting a new visitor and a potential reader.
  4. Fork You! – This is a great name in many ways. It’s an obvious play on ‘f*ck you!’, which inevitably gets anyone’s attention whenever it’s said. Now, keep the first and last letters and make minor modifications to the 2 letters in the middle, and ‘fork’ cleverly transforms a common phrase into a creative foodie blog name. Simple, witty and unambiguous, unless you’ve been forked before.
  5. Phoodie – Some of the best blog names are made by using alternative spellings of relevant words to create a totally unique brand. You basically want to vary the way a word is spelt but still have the resulting name pronounced to sound the same as the original, such as ‘foodie’ and ‘phoodie’.
  6. Ethicurean – Oh yes, very very nice. Without knowing what the blog is about, you would be right to guess that this is a name made by combining ‘ethical’ with ‘epicurean’. The resulting ‘ethicurean’ just fits perfectly, and it’s pleasing to learn that this is indeed a blog focused on sustainable food. Definitely one of the best blog names ever created.
  7. Life Begins at 30 – There’s no doubt this name works. It’s simply a tweak on the famous ‘life begins at 40’, which could be adapted to 20, 50, or any age, so it’s not overly creative, but sometimes you don’t need to be. The goal is to get a blog name that is meaningful and memorable, and if you get good marks for creativity in the process, all the better.
  8. Brooklyn Bride – Can there be any doubt what this blog is about? No, it’s a wedding blog. Is it easy to remember and tell your friends all about it? Yes, especially if you’re a woman living near Brooklyn. Is it short and pronounceable? Yes, only 3 syllables in total. Is it a pleasure to say and hear? Yes, the alliterative b’s work like a dream.
  9. Pizza Therapy – Unique and highly memorable. A good naming strategy is to combine common objects and concepts that are not normally associated with each other. It doesn’t always work, but you know when it does, as the resulting name needs to make sense in some way. Pizza and therapy certainly does.
  10. Shanghaiist – At first, the double i’s look strange, but it grows on you quickly when you look at it from a brand name’s perspective instead of how common words are spelt. The ‘ist’ suffix leaves no doubt the blogger is writing about Shanghai. It’s a good name, but just doesn’t roll off the tongue nicely. In fact, you need to get your lungs and chest involved to push out the ‘haiist’.
  11. Going Out Gurus – Meaningful, memorable and easy to pronounce. What more could you want in a blog name. It’s not one of the wittier or quirky names in the blogosphere, but it’s simple and effective. Tried and tested formula at work again – alliteration and a concept that’s unique (who’s ever heard of a going out guru before?).
  12. Metrocurean – Modded from ‘epicurean’, the ‘curean’ word ending can be combined with lots of root words to produce a name that suggests the blog is devoted to a particular form of sensual pleasure. In this case, Metrocurean is the blog of a food and travel writer from Washington DC.
  13. Chicagoist – Some people may find the ‘city name’ plus ‘ist’ suffix as a cool naming strategy for a locally focused blog name. While it certainly produces a unique sounding name that’s not a common dictionary word, it’s not particularly creative and the word-playing quality leaves a lot to be desired. That said, the sound of the end product depends a lot on the underlying town or city, so some of these names will be a lot more appealing than others.
  14. Wordle – A short, easy to pronounce word that contains a relevant root keyword normally makes for a good blog name. It doesn’t always work, and a lot of testing needs to be done, but when it does, you’ll have a winner that turns your blog’s name into a memorable brand. Who could possibly not like a name like ‘wordle’.
  15. Bakerella – Fantastic name, simply awesome. It’s sweet, it’s fun, and it sounds delicious. Even smells of cupcakes and cookies, leaving no doubt that it’s a baking fanatics blog. The ‘ella’ word ending works its charm in many ways from Spanish-Italian inspired linguistic angles, to beautiful (‘bella’) and girly (‘Cinderella’) associations. It doesn’t click with any old root word, but this is a good example of when it does.
  16. Seven Spoons – Chances are, it’s a foodie blog, but does it have anything to do with seven little dwarfs? Probably not. Sometimes the true meaning behind a blog’s name isn’t immediately apparent. Sometimes, it never becomes clear why it’s called what it is. But if the name sounds interesting, makes you want to know more, allows you to recall it easily, it’s probably done its job already.
  17. Mashable – Nice, short, memorable and only 3 syllables. But it’s also meaningful, originally inspired by the trend of ‘mashups’ on the Internet where pieces of web content are combined in interesting and useful ways. Now that practically anything in the digital space can be mashed together to produce something new, this is a fabulous name for a news source that covers a mix mash of news and resources for the connected generation.

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