11 Travel Blogs that Use Alliteration as a Creative Naming Strategy

One of the most effective and popular blog naming techniques is to use alliteration to create a memorable and catchy name that resonates with your blog’s target market.

Alliter-what? Unless you’re an English major or have a passion for language, you may not know much about alliteration. But rest assured, you’ve definitely come across it and been charmed by how it has been used to create multi-million dollar brand names.

Heard of Mickey Mouse, Dunkin’ Donuts, Best Buy, Coca-Cola or PayPal? How about American Airlines, Donald Duck, or Bed Bath & Beyond? Notice anything similar in how these names have been formed?

According to Wikipedia, “Alliteration is the repetition of the same sounds or of the same kinds of sounds at the beginning of words or in stressed syllables of an English language phrase.” It is a powerful way to create names that are fun to pronounce, easy to remember, and filled with clever word play or witty quirkiness.

Alliterative Travel Blog Names

Here are 11 leading travel blogs which use alliteration to come up with cool sounding names that are catchy and unique:

Notice how you can add a bit of variation and deviate from the standard 2 words that begin with the same alphabet (i.e. Mickey Mouse).

  1. Everything Everywhere – if you can find words that begin with the same word (such as ‘every’ in this case), the alliterative effect will be more striking
  2. Time Travel Turtle – find 3 words that are all alliterative and you’ll have triple the effect
  3. Heather On Her Travels – not every single word needs to begin with the same letter or sound the same
  4. Beers and Beans – using ‘and’ to combine 2 alliterative words gives you a lot of flexibility to come up with lots of names
  5. Mom’s Minivan – where possible, keep it short and simple
  6. Monkeys & Mountains – try and find words that have the same number of syllables to get a nice phonetic balance
  7. Mom Most Traveled – names don’t have to be perfectly or fully alliterative to be good
  8. Landlopers – if there’s an appropriate word where both syllables start with the same letter, it’s going to make a really cool name
  9. Camels & Chocolate – do camels eat chocolate?
  10. The Travel Tart – 3 words, 4 syllables, conveys a different meaning to different people
  11. Tourist 2 Townie – when spelt out, 2 begins with a ‘t’ as well. Clever.

Now it’s your turn.

Regardless of what your blog is about, you can start by creating a list of relevant words, phrases and common sayings. After that, get creative and combine them in alliterative ways to come up with awesome names that are packed with meaning, wit and catchiness.

5 thoughts on “11 Travel Blogs that Use Alliteration as a Creative Naming Strategy”

  1. Does me and myself make any sense?

    ***** REPLY ******

    Yes Misko, makes perfect sense, especially as the name of your personal blog.

    • But it may be a little too broad. A good blog name usually let’s potential readers get a better idea about the person who’s penning the blog. This name is catchy but it lacks soul IMO.

  2. Please help! I am starting a blog about selling everything and living in an RV full time. My husband and I are senior citizens 61 and 59 and this will be the second time we’ve lived in an RV for any length of time. I want to write about our journey finding the “perfect” (cheap) RV our renovation of it and then selling everything and deciding what to keep. I also want to continue the blog while we travel and live in it!
    Some of my husband’s ideas are…Alien RVers, UFO Rvers, First Contact RVers. I’m not to sure about these as I am not an alien or UFO buff.
    We are really just two retired old farts wanting to live in an RV and do a little traveling.
    Please help if you are able to. Thanks!

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